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We at Worthily Films carried out our first film shoot post-lockdown and found the process to be less intimidating than it seems.

1. Preparation. This is the time to take the words ‘better safe than sorry’ to heart.

Invest in face masks, hand sanitiser, antiviral spray and wipes, disposable cups, face shields and gloves. This will allow you to comply with social-distancing guidelines provided by the British Film Commission as well as to reassure your cast and crew that you are taking all precautions necessary.

Run through the procedures that you have put in place before the shoot date to ensure your cast and crew is aware of the measures they will need to comply with and give them an opportunity to voice any concerns and ask questions.

‘But everything was so well organised (PPE, hand-wash, friendly social distancing) that very soon I forgot we were filming in the middle of a pandemic.’ Paul Chronnell

2. On-set etiquette. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Depending on your set, you should aim to have a designated space for crew to carry out their work whilst remaining two metres apart. Ventilation is always a good idea, no matter what size set you are on. Staggering breaks, lunch and costume/makeup allows for streamlined work without unnecessary close contact. Above all, ensuring everyone is clear and confident on what they need to do to minimise risk will keep moral high and infection at bay.

‘… the teamwork was evident.’ Kevin Glynn

3. Subsequent actions. Just because the shoot is a wrap doesn’t mean your work is done.

Your crew should have already been made aware of symptoms to look out for in the case that someone on set was infected. Provide the full team with information on how to get tested should they develop symptoms, and continue checking in with each other until the incubation period is over – which is generally accepted to be 14 days at most.

‘… even after wrapping, making sure to check in and let us know how we can get checked in case any of us started experiencing symptoms.’ Katie Lynch

Worthily Films is dedicated to providing safe working environments. Should you have any questions feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Written By: Isabelle Karpinski

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